Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Staff at Pearl City Nursing Home

I spent the morning at the Pearl City nursing Home this morning and decided to break out my Christmas music. There was a yet to be decorated tree in the lobby but the day room was decorated with Christmas trim and tinsels. There were some remnants of Thanksgiving decorations still up, but overall, the setting was festive. The floor that I was to entertain on has a piano with a broken foot pedal that controls the sustain sound so I knew I would be struggling.

Upon entering, I saw Theresa, who used to sing professionally with her band in a previous career. She and her band toured the Far East. I asked in passing if she could sing "O Holy Night" and she replied with an emphatic "YES!"

So, I'm figuring I could get at least a couple of songs out of her. The patients liked her so much that she ended up doing about 7 songs.

Theresa also uses her experience as a former performer to keep the patients involved with each song by hand-clapping and use of bells and other instruments. She does a great job in converting music as entertainment into music as therapy.

The staff at this nursing home has a loving attitude towards the patients/residents.

Yvonne, for example, sometimes sits with a patient who may be feeling badly about something and hold her hands while I perform. They sometimes tease Yvonne and "demand" that she sings a song.

Yvonne, singing at the request of her patients/residents. File Photo.

So, Yvonne, a Karaoke singer always complies. And the patients show so much appreciation for the effort that Yvonne puts in. Keep in mind that we don't rehearse anything beforehand and I'm only guessing at the keys that they sing in.
Theresa, relaxing with me after a song.
Yvonne shooting the breeze after one of my visits. File photo.

And the winners are the kupunas.