Saturday, April 24, 2010



I ran across Ruth and Boomer at a nursing home one day and I was confused as to who was whose master/mistress. It certainly appeared that Boomer had the upper hand and was training Ruth for a higher calling in life.

Boomer teaching Ruth to give proper commands

Boomer acquired Ruth when Ruth retired from the Department of Defense where she supervised material for the Department of Logistic Agency in the storage section at Pearl Harbor. Her primary mission was to support the War Fighters to make sure that their material needs were met. When she retired after 28 years, her husband acquired Boomer, a wire hair Jack Russell from Australia for her.

Boomer, at 8 weeks old, set his sight on training Ruth to do his bidding so he could provide pet therapy for patients at care homes and hospitals. Boomer has been providing pet therapy at Pearl City Nursing Home for 2 1/2 years and at Straub clinic for 1 /2 years. Boomer is now a very young 3 1/2 years old so he has a very bright career to look forward to.

Ruth's mom was a patient at Pearl City Nursing Home and that's where Boomer decided to begin his career. He was impressed with the staff and saw that they took very good care of Ruth's mom so he insisted that he begin his career there. The Kaneohe resident's mom passed on about 6 months ago but Boomer insisted on continuing his therapy work there in gratitude for the work that the staff there did. I have personally observed the same gratitude expressed by other family members of patients at P.C. Nursing Home.

Boomer has fun teaching Ruth new tricks because he sees her as very bright and it only takes her a couple of days to learn things. He somehow knows when someone isn't bright enough to learn tricks because while he doesn't show outright disdain for me, he politely ignores me when he sees me. Probably because he plays the piano better than I do. It helps that he loves and admires Ruth.

Next up is teaching Ruth how to give commands so he can show off his agility skills.

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