Sunday, July 18, 2010


MUSIC AS THERAPY... Jake Shimabukuro

We have featured many big-name entertainers who quietly perform at nursing/care homes believing that they are feeding the souls of people through their music. Another such entertainer is Jake Shimabukuro.

I ran across his Facebook page "Music Is Good Medicine" the other day and found that he entertains both the young and the elderly. He believes that music soothes the soul of everyone, young and old. Music can be used to inspire, heal and influence everyone to better their community.

Many of those in nursing/care homes are elderly and have not heard of Jake. That changes real fast once he begins strumming and plucking his ukulele with his lightning fast fingers. As his music has matured, his style has changed to where he now brings out the soul of the song and the instrument, rather than try to put as many notes into each measure.

What a thrill it is for the elderly to have someone of Jake's stature and talent to come and give them an hour of live entertainment. It's unusual for someone so young to give back to the community this way.

Read his bio:

I did not interview Jake for this feature. His webpage and his Facebook page gives most of the information you need so writing this feature was a slam dunk.

I thought it was important for you to know what people in our community are doing to make this a better place to live.


Dana said...

hi Don,
thanks for your note on my blog. I miss you. Once we get a bit settled, I'll be a better reader and noter here I promise. How is Lily?

Dana said...

Hi Don,

I miss you. Thanks for your note. Once we get settled I promise to be a better reader and noter here. How is Lily?



Hi Dana. Hope your move into your mansion goes smoothly. Lily doesn't spoil her grandfather enough...