Sunday, August 1, 2010


EASIEST WAY TO ABUSE OUR KUPUNAS.... Just take away Medicare/Medicaid

What happens when the Government forces citizens into a medical reimbursement program and then decides to cut the reimbursements? My guess is that hospitals and doctors will begin to shut off access to care for Medicaid and Medicare patients. Hang on for a rough ride, folks.

Medicare is a medical insurance program that was promised to cover those who reached age 65. Part of the "Great Society" is what they called it. Medicaid is a welfare program where medical reimbursements are made for those who are on welfare and don't have insurance. Also part of the Great Society program under Social Security.

Beginning in August (at this writing), doctors will be forced to take a 21% cut in payments. The population specifically affected include seniors, the disabled and military patients on the Tricare program. Folks like me who made sure we served 20 years in order to qualify for medical benefits as military retirees believe that we kept up our part of the bargain by serving in the military. At great risk of life and limb, by the way. The government has decided to modify its promises by cutting payments. And they will have to do the same with Social Security, the recently passed universal health care and all other government programs because they no longer have any money.

Here I am at the Blaisdell Concert Hall, risking life and limb for my country

What will the elderly do? Many medical facilities will still take them in if they can pay cash. Others will not receive services if the person is on Medicare. In many places (costs vary with locations), Medicare only reimburses 50% of the actual cost of primary care. Cutting another 21% likely will further leave our elderly without care because providers will turn them away.

Congress is as confused as ever, but, they need to find ways to pay for the 48 million uninsured people that were promised coverage under the Health Care Reform passed earlier this year. So, they chose to cut Medicare.

Sort of like government bureaucrats deciding who will get care and who won't. Or, perhaps lawyers will be making such decisions. Or, an accountant. If a person is older and highly likely to pass away, then certain medications may be withheld. Or surgical procedures. Or treatment and rehabilitation services. The decisions used to be made by the practitioner and the patient. Not so anymore.

We need to become less dependent on our government and become involved with our respective communities. Churches previously served their communities by providing relief for neighbors whether it's a health issue or a financial issue, or, as in this case, both. Not so anymore. If you belong to a church, strongly urge the leaders in your church to create more community outreach programs. If you don't belong to a church, then  find some way in which you can help those who cannot help themselves.

If someone in our community needs help, we can help to raise money and/or voluntarily give up resources to assist those in need. Sort of like a barn raising, if you will. And as a side benefit, we may again have communities where neighbors get to know and work with each other.

We can do it. Like filling up a bucket one drop at a time. And leave our government out of it. They have no money of their own. They merely take from Peter to pay Paul, which makes Peter feel abused. When Peter is abused he doesn't work. Uh, oh! Doesn't sound very family-friendly. But you know what I mean.

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