Monday, October 24, 2011

Hula Dancer livens things up for patients

I entertain every Monday morning at the Veteran's Administration Center for Aging. The guys asked for Hawaiian music so I complied with contemporary Hawaiian favorites. During my bantering with the patients, I mentioned that I had been looking for a hula dancer to help me for the past ten years. One of the patients happily volunteered his wife Lori who had stepped out of the room.

When she came back in, I told her that her husband  had volunteered her to dance. She was so gracious about it. She asked for Hanalei moon and got right into it. And, like all hula dancers, she guided me by calling out the first few words of the verses that she wanted.

 Here, Lori is calling out the key words to the verse she wants to dance to.

 When you see,
 Hanalei by moonlight
 You will be, in heaven by the sea...
 Here, she's likely scolding me because I sang the wrong words.. Har! At my age,
remembering lyrics is not easy.

The patients had so much fun. I hope Lori comes and participate again. Brings joy into the lives of the elderly.


pcsty said...

I like this post Don.


Thanks, Stan.

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