Sunday, February 14, 2010


Ann has been a volunteer at Queen's medical Center for over 2 years. You can find her three days a week, busy discharging patients and delivering flowers and mail to patients. Always with that charming smile of hers which brings brightness into the lives of patients and staff alike.

A widow for 10 years, she retired from the UH press and decided to do volunteer work with Queen's because the attitude of the staff towards volunteers are always positive (yes, there are facilities where the staff members are not always appreciative of their volunteers). When you run into her at the Medical Center, be sure to stop and say "hello".

The volunteering has given some structure to her busy life and the many friends she has made with the staff and other volunteers has made it a very rich and pleasurable experience.

This tiny bundle of energy can be seen on the streets around Queen's going to and from home on her moped. When you see her, give a wide berth. Queen's needs her. The patients need her. We need her.

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