Sunday, February 7, 2010


Back in the early 60s, a bunch of us played in a band, Hawaii Sansei Orchestra. We played at weddings for about $3 apiece, but we got to eat and drink as much as we desired. I shudder to think what we sounded like by the time we got to the 3rd set.

Some of the more talented members moved on as they improved their musical skills. Some became members of the Royal Hawaiian Band, some played for the Orient Express, some became band directors, some played and served in military bands and others moved on to other things in life. We all, however, retained our love for music.

Three of the more talented members, Paul Kaneshiro, Clayton Tom and Bob Sakata did much more than that. They formed a Christian trio when one of their mothers was in a nursing home and performed for the residents there every Friday. This was in 2003.

Soon, they began performing every Friday mornings at various nursing homes and care facilities under the name, "Senior moments for Christ".

Pat Sombrio (bass), Bobby Kini (keys), Pastor Lana Kini (vocals), Paul Kaneshiro (guitar), Clayton Tom (vocals), and Bob Sakata (vocals). Missing, Joyce Pasion and Larry Lovewell.

The group has now grown to 8 members and perform under the name "Island Pray'z Band" and service 26 different care homes and nursing facilities every year on Oahu. In addition, they entertain at numerous public and private events bringing forth their musical ministry for all to embrace.

Needless to say, I'm in awe of them and am proud that I can claim that I was once good enough to perform with them... my goodness... was it almost 50 years ago? Of course, I know that they pray for my soul every day, being the sinner that I am.

They are available for private gigs. Email Clayton Tom at CTOM5@HAWAIIANTEL.NET or Paul Kaneshiro at  PAULK@HAWAIINANTEL.NET.

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