Sunday, March 14, 2010


Jack Hewitt is another great volunteer at Leeward Community College's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. He has completed two full careers and like a sponge, his intellectual curiosity keeps seeking more things to absorb.

Jack first retired in 1984 from the Navy after 26 years. He then began his second career working for the Federal Government at beautiful Camp Smith, teaching the military and civilian employees to use the computer. He retired five years ago from that and immediately began volunteering at VITA.

He came across the program when he saw an advertisement in the newspaper for volunteer training and figured it would be interesting work. I know those he has served are grateful that he made that decision. He also keeps himself busy as an adjunct instructor at Hawaii Pacific University and maintains the condominium website where he lives. His computer knowledge is certainly a resource and a bonanza for VITA.

VITA at Leeward is overseen by Professor Roy Kamida, a CPA. See his webpage for days and hours when this free tax preparation service is available. Time's running out so be sure to take the time to get it done.

There are many sites around the State where you can get this free service, sponsored by Aloha United Way. Jack himself first began at Makalapa Community Center (two years), then a year at Waipahu Community Center and has spent the past two years at Leeward. Leeward's gain is certainly their loss.

When you see Jack around, be sure to say "Hi". Well, not at any airport, though...

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