Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jay Ogden.... Businessman who gives back

JAY OGDEN, Entrepreneur

Jay Ogden  is a person of varied experiences in the business world. Yet, he sees fit to give back to his community by volunteering his time and expertise in so many different organizations. Let me list a few that come to mind. American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Catholic Charities, Montessori Community School, Catholic Diocese of Honolulu and Hospice Hawaii. Whew!

He currently volunteers at Hospice Hawaii in community respite and companionship services. For those who have been caregivers for aging parents and face end-of-life challenges and Jay has, helping to relieve the stresses that caregivers face is huge. Many times, caregivers’ health deteriorates because of such stress.

One cause of stress for a caregiver is the lack of sleep. I took care of my mom for 8 years and for the last year of her life, she wasn't very mobile and had suffered from dementia for many years. I sometimes woke and found her in the morning, lying on the floor, cold, but unable to get back into bed. They often try to move about and fall at night. So, one has to try to sleep, but always listen for any noise coming from her room. It wasn't until after she passed that I realized that I hadn't had a good night's sleep in over a year. So what Jay does, in offering respite, is very helpful for a caregiver's well being.

Jay, who was introduced to Hawaii over 40 years ago when he was in the Navy, came upon Hospice Hawaii through it’s chaplain, who is an acquaintance he knew from his work at the Catholic Churches. He immediately went through the training program to qualify as a volunteer and has been doing this for almost 3 years.

Jay also volunteers his business skills and resources to local schools and churches through his company, Ogden Agri-Services Corporation. The company advocates organic farming, gardening and land preservation for agricultural use and to reduce waste and pollution in the environment. See his website.

I got to know Jay through Jennifer Mann at Hospice Hawaii who thinks highly of Jay. Jennifer coordinates the volunteers at Hospice Hawaii.

I am amazed at how many people give of their time, resources and expertise to make our community a better one. As Jay puts it, “I believe that the blessings in life come into our life as a result of our desire and action to serve mankind.” Very true.


Jay said...

Thanks to all who give back from their abundance. We are truly blessed by each of the events in our life, no matter how difficult they may be. It is our mission to help each other through life because we are truly ONE. Aloha, Jay


Hi Jay. And I'm pleasantly surprised to find many are giving without having the abundance to give.